Above everything else, we value:

Appreciation. People are often under-appreciated and their talents and dedication undervalued. We are
driven by a simple idea; build a company that would give people, the honest and sincere appreciation they
deserve. Appreciation is the secret to finding the potential that exists within people from all walks of life and
different backgrounds. By appreciating and tapping into this potential, we will ensure the long-term success
of our associates, our clients, and our company.

Trust. Open and Honest communication is essential to generate trust in an association. We will earn and
deserve the trust of everyone who comes into contact with us.

Teamwork. Teamwork Works! At Target, we foster a culture of teamwork where everyone’s opinion is
heard and differences are respected.

Continuous Improvement. Regardless of how well we do today, we are determined to do better
tomorrow. This is our key to self satisfaction and business success. We believe - "
Achievement is History"!
Our four core values shape the way we work together
in the global family. These fundamental beliefs express
what we stand for as human beings and as a business.
Core Values