Our Search Methodology
Target Consultants follows a carefully planned selection process. This process begins with understanding the
clients’ needs and goes all the way to follow-ups with both clients and candidates, post- recruitment.

Understanding clients' organization with regard to existing business activities, organization structure, culture
and future growth plans.

Mapping position-specific competencies including job title, job responsibilities, desired profile of the candidate,
skill set required, approximate compensation offered, job location, desired work experience, desired qualification,
reporting, working conditions/environment and other relevant details.

Identification of candidates either from Target’s massive existing database, business networking, referral
search via social network, online CV search, advertising for the position or by Head Hunting.

In-depth Interview with a goal to define what role & company a candidate may be seeking. We discuss the
current situation, future objectives and offer realistic advice.

Client Presentation for the candidate is done when we have a possible candidate match in terms of role,
company, culture, travel, growth, and compensation. At this point, a mutual decision may be made to move

Candidate Presentation is done when resume/CV is submitted to the client. The hiring manager and a
consultant from Target will have a detailed conversation regarding fit, strengths, and possible concerns. Target
schedules all phone screens/interviews when it is mutually convenient to both parties.

Interview Preparation and Feedback helping the candidate better understand the opportunity and the company.
Post interview, Target will collect and share the feedback to/from candidate and the company. A final shortlist is
drawn based on this information.

Offers once made are negotiated and both parties are counseled to arrive at a mutually satisfying conclusion.
Target also counsels the candidate on resignation concerns and counter-offers.